Shanghai: Shopping and Sightseeing Destination

Shanghai city is very famously known as “the Oriental Paris” and is renowned worldwide as a shopper’s paradise. There are quite a few spots where tourists can visit for a purchase extravaganza. Nanjing Road, however, is a must for every tourist. The more modern tourists with an inclination towards fashionable tastes will be intrigued by the fare to be found at Huaihai Road. There is something for the common folk too. The stuff at Sichuan caters specifically to their demands. The other places from where tourists can pick up special mementos are Xujiahui Shopping Center, Yuyuan Shopping City, and Jiali Sleepless City.

Sightseeing in Shanghai China becomes even more pleasurable when you consider that a wide variety of cuisines can be found in the city. It is a pleasure to see Shanghai march towards meeting its aspirations even as it continues to uphold its proud traditions of service and hospitality. The current symbols of a modern city include The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Mansion and Pudong International Airport. To experience first hand that there still is proof of the deep zeal of a city ready to extend a warm welcome to all, one must visit the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Shanghai City Planning Exhibition Center.